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Anti Bacterial Nylon DTY

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PA6 Nylon DTY - Anti Bacterial Nylon NESHIN SPINNING
Unit Section Ply Luster intermingle
Decitex Denier full dull semi-dull bright
78/48 70/48 Ο 1&2 ● or Χ

Dye fastness : 4
Color : Black, White, red, blue, yellow, beige,navy blue and so on. 
MOQ : 1000KG per color
Please see our color shade card.


Test Report

Antibacterial nylon yarn


Medical grade Copper, Zinc antibacterial products with US EPA product regulation.

An extremely effective and safe home antibacterial product.

Good color fastness 

keep away bacteria

Antifungal,deodorization and keep dry.


lingeries、scarf、socks、all kinds of clothing fabric etc. 

High Dye Fastness , Eco-friendly, Pollution Free 

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